Company Retirement Plans

With nearly 25 years of experience servicing the corporate market, we know you must deliver value to your clients. We offer value to our client’s by providing the various services that are listed below.


    We offer assistance with documenting of all processes, procedures and plan costs and will help put together a comprehensive binder designed to help you prepare for an audit. This will also serve as a piece to help educate all retirement plan committee members on the history of your plan. It may not be the main concern of ERISA and the Department of Labor that the committee in charge of monitoring the plan makes a wrong decision, rather, they want to make sure decisions are consistent with what a “prudent expert” would conclude. We will educate the Plan Sponsor on how to work with the plan provider to help ensure all costs are reasonable and re-negotiate if they are not.


    We help you develop an Investment Policy Statement*. Assisting in the development and/or amendment of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) will begin with an analysis of the current investment lineup and IPS. Even if the plan consists of quality investments, plan fiduciaries must consistently monitor them to ensure suitability for an ERISA plan and follow a consistent search and replacement process. This is an ongoing process over the first 12-18 months as the committee will define how to handle fund additions and removals. *The IPS needs to be agreed upon in writing by the Plan Sponsor. 


    We do not disappear after you become a client! Regular investment review meetings are held either quarterly or semi-annually (determined by the Plan Sponsor). The reviews will detail fund status change recommendations and will be placed in the comprehensive binder. The ultimate decision on which fund to add or delete will lie with the fiduciaries of the plan. 


    We help develop and implement an education program. With assistance from the plan trustees and fiduciaries, we will begin by outlining the goals and objectives for the education program (i.e. what is the target participation rate and what will it take to get there, structure of education communications, etc.). It is important that your employees understand that a 401(k) is a great benefit provided to them. This is achievable with a well structured communication process custom-tailored to your company’s demographics. Within the first 6 months of being retained, the first phase of the plan will be implemented. In addition to educating the participants, educational pieces will be provided for the trustees/fiduciaries detailing their duties and responsibilities.


    We perform a comprehensive review of your current provider to help ensure competitiveness and suitability (if requested). Before the education program will be implemented, the 401(k) committee will decide on whether or not your current provider is proper for what the participants and beneficiaries need. We will produce 2-3 finalists with a detailed analysis of each option compared against your current provider. This process helps to address the fiduciary duty to ensure plan competitiveness. It is recommended that a complete plan review be performed every 3-5 years to help ensure the provider is continuing to provide proportional benefits for the participants and beneficiaries as plan assets increase.


    We act as an extension of your company to help you leverage your time. From time to time, we run into issues that are difficult to resolve. Our experience in the qualified plan marketplace enables us to help bring closure to these issues as well as help to ensure these issues don’t continue to occur. We do our job, so you can focus on yours.