Meet Our Team

Every member on our team firmly believes that our clients always come first. We work hard to emphasize trust, integrity, and accountability in everything we do. Call it our “Midwestern Values” but that’s just who we are and what we do.

We follow a fiduciary standard throughout the financial planning engagement. As such, we will place your interests ahead of our own when providing professional services.

Please feel free to contact any member on our team.

Phillip Rademacher, CFP®


Rademacher Financial, Inc

Rachel Rademacher

Vice President & Operations Manager

Rademacher Financial, Inc.


Amber Stegall, FPQP®

Client Services & Marketing Manager

Rademacher Financial, Inc


Young Couple Pursuing Dreams Rademacher

Neal Gudiseva, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Rademacher Financial, Inc

Kevin Michael

Technology Manager

Rademacher Financial, Inc

Roger Cox, PhD

Financial Advisor

Rademacher Financial, Inc

Bode Rademacher

Vice President of Stocks & Bones