What are the personal financial benefits of serving in the military?

Military service offers many personal financial benefits, including special tax breaks, insurance
options, and savings accounts. There are some great ways to take advantage of these benefits
and make the most of your time in the military. Whether you are just starting your military career
or are a veteran preparing for retirement, these tips can help you manage your finances wisely!
The first benefit to consider is the special tax breaks available to military members. These can
include deductions for moving expenses, combat pay, and more. Be sure to speak with a tax
advisor to see what you may be eligible for.

Next, take a look at the insurance benefits available through the military. You may be able to get
health insurance, life insurance, and other types of coverage at a lower cost than if you were not
in the military. Make sure you understand all of your options and choose the coverage that best
meets your needs.

Don’t forget about saving for your future! The military offers several different types of savings
accounts specifically for service members. These can help you save for retirement, purchase a
home, or cover other expenses. Talk to a financial advisor to see which account is right for you.
Home loans are also an important part of financial planning for military members. The
Department of Veterans Affairs offers home loans with low interest rates and no down payment
requirements. This can be a great way to buy a home or investment property.

Finally, many stores and services offer discounted rates for service members, their family
members, and veterans. This can often be overlooked for large purchases like kitchen
appliances! Be sure to ask an employee or customer service if you are eligible.

By taking advantage of these personal financial benefits, you can make the most of your military
career! Military service offers many great opportunities to improve your financial situation, so
don’t wait to take advantage of them. At Rademacher Financial, we have two team members
who have experience with the military. Our Client Services & Marketing Manager, Amber
Stegall, worked remotely for awhile from Ft Rucker, Alabama while her husband, Jake, attended
a helicopter pilot course. Additionally, Financial Advisor, Roger Cox, is a United States Marine
veteran who served in Vietnam. Both Amber, Roger, or another member of our team, would be
happy to talk to you personally about some of the benefits the military offers.

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