It can be difficult for many people to decide when they want to retire. Although many are forced into retirement due to illness, caretaking responsibilities or losing a job, others are able to choose when they retire. The problem arises when you are resistant to the idea of ever stopping work for one reason or another.


The following are some signs that may suggest it is a good time for you to choose to retire.


You have conquered your fears


Choosing to retire is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. There are many common fears that people have that keep them from making that final decision to stop working to earn money. Retiring is not a guaranteed stress-free period of time with retirement bringing its own set of challenges which make many hesitant to stop working.


One common fear is the fear of not having enough money to maintain an acceptable quality of life during your golden years. The issue is when you retire you are not earning any income but you will still need money to pay for living expenses which means you need to use money stored in your savings, investments and other resources.


Others may be afraid of losing their life’s purpose or maybe just simply being bored when they stop working in their career. Regardless of what fears you have about retirement, you will need to conquer those fears before you know you are ready to enter your golden years.


Having a solid financial plan


You will not be ready to retire until you have a comprehensive financial plan to guide you through your retirement years. This plan should include how to allocate your money and

 resources to help ensure you can maintain your desired quality of life without running out of capital too quickly. You should structure the plan so that you maximize your retirement accounts, savings and Social Security benefits. A professional financial planner can help you to develop a plan that is right for your needs.


Plan how to spend your time


It is not rare for retirees to struggle with maintaining a sense of purpose once they stop working. Contemplating what you will do with your time during retirement can help make sure you are ready. This might include having a list of places you want to visit or friends and


family you want to spend time with. You can also plan to spend time on certain hobbies you may have neglected or even start new hobbies and activities. Also, volunteering for causes you believe in can provide you with a sense of purpose. Perhaps you want to focus on your fitness during your golden years.


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